Horticultural LED Lights for Indoor Gardening

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At Illumitex, we design our horticulture LED lighting systems based on our advanced scientific knowledge of indoor crop production. Our horticulture LED grow light line is driven by one goal: to utilize only scientific evidence and careful analysis of available data to create the most functional horticultural lighting systems. Illumitex’s LED grow lights have changed the industry: lighting is no longer a limiting factor. Our grow lights’ technology delivers more light to the plant canopy, resulting in higher yields, faster time to harvest and increased product potency. No other type of lighting approaches the effectiveness of our patented LED technology.

NeoSol NS LED Grow Light NeoSol™ DS (520W)

The NeoSol DS grow light is suitable for a wide range of horticulture lighting applications including propagation of vegetative or flowering plants in grow tents, compact growing areas or large-scale commercial grow operations. May be used in vertically stacked orientation of two or more layers of grow trays and NeoSol fixtures. One-to-one replacement for 1000W HPS.

NeoSol NS LED Grow Light NeoSol™ NS (300W)

Our commercial-grade LED grow light that’s great for bigger gardens and perfect for hobby and home use. Fifty-four Surexi F3 Spectrum LEDs produce high photosynthetically active radiation values with superior light utilization and beam uniformity. The slim fixture maximizes volumetric area for plant growth and minimizes fixture weight and energy consumption. One-to-one replacement for 600W HPS.

NeoSol NS LED Grow Light NeoSol™ LS (50W)

Perfect for hobby and home use, NeoSol LS works well for smaller gardens and clone or cutting propagation. Fitted with nine Illumitex Surexi F3 Spectrum LEDs, the slim fixture maximizes volumetric area for plant growth and minimizes fixture weight and energy consumption. Illumitex LED technology produces high photosynthetically active radiation values with superior light utilization and beam uniformity.

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Illumitex grow lights in action

Licensed home grow

NeoSol NS horticultural grow
light producing a prolific
flowering response.

NeoSol NS in action

A NeoSol NS makes very happy tomatoes at North Coast Electric in Washington.

Cannabis production room

Since its implementation in fall 2012, this Rocky Mountain Vitamin grow room has steadily out-produced HPS yields.

Our Grow Lights Are Best

Illumitex grow lights ROI
New install—3 months
Retrofit — 6 months
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25.4% more light on plant canopy than 1000W HPS

NeoSol DS wattage is 520W vs. 1000W HPS at 1075W

The combination of our light uniformity and specifically tuned F3 spectrum maximizes the plants' vegetative and flowering responses, unlike HPS or metal halide lamps. Our F3 spectrum: 11% 450nm (blue), 7% 525nm (green), 81% 660nm (red), 1% 730nm (far red)

NeoSol DS offers on-board dimming control from 100% down to 10% light output eliminates the need to raise and lower fixture . . . thus saving energy for low-light applications

Generates half the heat of HPS technology, eliminating the need for active cooling

Which spectrum is right?

Planning a grow system? We've got info that will help you understand which spectrum is right for your plants.

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